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In What's in Bloom on April 13, 2012 at 12:48 pm

By Phyllis Odessey

Last year I met Sarah Miles, Career Training Director for Green Chimneys at the New Green City event in Union Square.  You how it is sometimes.  You start talking to someone and you immediately bond.  Sarah has an infectious smile and I wanted to see if we could get the kids from the program at Green Chimneys  to Randall’s Island for a volunteer project.

On Thursday, April 12, seven youth from the program came to Randall’s to plant trees at Field 48.   The soil is particularly rocky around Field 48 and it was tough going, but the kids jumped in, using shovels, pick-axes, crow bars and plain old elbow grease, they planted 14 trees.  The trees planted are Quercus bicolor (Swamp White Oak) and Prunus sargentii (Sargent Cherry).  They are not only beautiful trees, but they will provided much needed shade for ballfield players and their fans.

“The Nature-Based Career Training Program is an 18-week training opportunity that develops genuine skills and provides hands-on experineces in a range of outdoor settings.

Our intensive program aims to teach LGBTQ homeless and foster care youth the life and vocation skills needed to secure, and keep, meaningful employment while exposing them to new experiences that can build their resume and character.” from the Green Chimneys Website.

We are looking to forward to having one of these young people, join our crew and work at The Learning Garden with our Urban Farmer, Nick Storrs.   Green Chimneys calls this part of Nature-Based program an “externship work experience.”  We call it a enthusiasm, energy, vitality and hard work.  As Nick likes to say “Rock On!”


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