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Mining Rocks

In What's in Bloom on April 17, 2012 at 9:02 pm

By Phyllis Odessey

Planting a tree on Randall’s Island is like mining for rocks.  In 1855, the city of New York acquired three separate land masses between Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx:  Randall’s Island, named after its original owner, Jonathan Randal; Ward’s Island, whose name is taken from  Jasper and Bartholomew Ward and a marsh called Sunken Meadows.

And although Sunken Meadows may have once been a marsh, today we find it rocky going.  On Tuesday, April 17, 10 fantastic volunteers from New York Cares lead by Cary Prusa came to Randall’s to plant trees on Sunken Meadow with the Horticulture Crew.  If your faith in humanity is shaky, join us for a volunteer event.  Consistently over the last six years, no matter the age or background of our volunteers, they have always been superb.  Hard working, enthusiastic and most of all, they always want to finish the job.  Who could ask for more.  Here are some outtakes from the day.
Dianne Crary, member of the Hort Crew
giving instructions

Cary Prusa
also known as CJ
the captain of the event for
New York Cares
I wasn’t kidding about the rocks

One of the most important aspects of planting a tree,
making a well.  The well
keeps the water around the root balls.
This well will keep water around the crabapple
Malus  sp. ‘Donald Wyman’.
This crabapple is considered one of the most
floriferous of all crabapples.
This crabapple was named for the late Dr. Donald Wyman, horticulturist for Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum.  A chance seedling found on the grounds of the arboretum is the source of this cultivar.
Even in sandalls…
this volunteer just keeps on truck’in
Another volunteer
getting the air out of the soil

who attended our tree planting event.


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