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Three Short Stories

In Learning Garden on May 13, 2012 at 11:09 pm

By Phyllis Odessey

We have so much going on in Horticulture Department, I decided the only way to cover it was to blog about it as 3 short stories.

Eunyoung Sebazco originally designed our Children’s Garden (see photo below)  with two topiary for the entrance.  Travis Wolf, our arborist at the time, created a chicken and squirrel for the entrance to the garden.

Over time the bottom of the cedar containers with the topiaries rotted out.  We knew we had to replace them.  We bought new boxes, but weren’t sure what would be the best location.  The topiaries had marked the entrance to the Children’s Garden. With the addition to The Learning Garden, the new gate was one possibility.  We discussed it and decided that the pathway from the 20 raised beds to original Children’s Garden would be best.
Nick Storrs, James Burns and Ulises Hernandez in the Kubota managed to get the topiaries out of the old containers and into the new ones.
The two topiaries face each other, hence the name kissing cousins.

When I see a good garden idea, I immediately want to put it into practice.  All great artists steal from one another.  We took the phrase literally and went on Zach Pickens blog at the Riverpark site and took his DIY instructions and began our own milk crate garden boxes for planting vegetables.  Dianne Crary volunteered to make the template for  the three different size crates, we have in our possession.
We will be planting lettuces in our new “containers” on Monday.

The chicks were getting a bit rowdy.  We decided to move them to new location, a new home.  They still need to have 85 degree temp.  Nick has a storage room, filled with supplies used for The Learning Garden.  There are 4 windows and there was space in this unlikely location.  Actually it’s across from The Learning Garden, which will be there new home.  Along with moving them to their new digs; Nick decided to weigh them: .5 ounces and growing.


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