Randalls Island Park Alliance

Great Expectations

In Randall's Island on May 19, 2012 at 9:10 pm

By Phyllis Odessey

I do have a moment or two of anxiety during volunteer season.   About halfway through a volunteer event  I think to myself: ” they aren’t going to finish”.  And  I am ALWAYS wrong.

Thursday was no exception.  The Goldman Sachs team led by Richard P. and Brian M. brought the A Team and their A Game.

We expected a lot.  The game plan included lugging  wheelbarrows of compost to the site, planting over 1,000 plants,  10 shrubs, 4 trees, removing  rocks, bricks and any other obstacle in the way of planting, mulching the entire site, taking time to eat lunch and a little trip around The Learning Garden.

We shouldn’t be surprised. I shouldn’t be surprised.  Brian’s and Richard’s team have been coming to Randall’s Island for many years; changing the landscape; making gardens; beautifying views; creating a park for visitors to enjoy.

Community TeamWorks volunteers always bring energy; what is unique is that nobody wants to leave until they have finished the task at hand.  There are no “this is as far as we can get in the amount of time given”; it’s always let’s get it done and done well.

With a small staff and great ambitions for what the Horticulture crew can accomplish on its own,  our achievements rest on the shoulders of our great volunteers.  We cannot execute these projects without the dedication of groups like Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks.

And along with fantastic volunteers, you need great captains.  Richard and Brian motivate their teammates to go the extra distance. Thanks to every one of the 12 incredible volunteers, who worked on the garden at the old comfort station.

Thank you  for creating another great garden on Randall’s Island and turning a rather desolate spot into a place people want to visit and enjoy.


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