Randalls Island Park Alliance

Just Passing Through

In Randall's Island on May 25, 2012 at 8:23 pm

By Phyllis Odessey

We were sipping coffee and tea during morning break, when Jean Hurkin-Torres asked about Kissing Cousins, our blog outlining  the original garden plan for the children’s garden.

She wanted to know if Travis Wolf, former arborist for Randall’s Island, was the same Travis Wolf currently an arborist at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I answered YES!
Jean said “This place is just like Ellis Island.  Everyone passes through.”

We have been extremely lucky in having wonderful people work for us.  Many have gone to other institutions and  some have pursued other careers.  Here are a few Randall’s Island “alumni” pursuing horticulture careers:

John Gunderson, High Line
Andy  Pettis,  High Line
Kaspar Wittlinger, High Line
Sean Kiley, Battery Conservancy
Wayken Shaw, New York Botanical Garden
Sean Ealey, Town and Gardens
Colby Feller, Town and Gardens
Travis Wolf , Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Sarah Ward, Brooklyn Bridge Park
Enrique Mendez – Prospect Park Alliance

We’ve laughed and exchanged ideas, but most of all every member of the crew (in any year)  have made a difference on Randall’s Island.


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