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Coming Your Way in 2013

In New Ideas and Expansions on October 15, 2012 at 3:20 pm

By Phyllis Odessey

2012 has not come to a close, but in the gardening world the end of one year is really about the beginning of another one.

We’ve had two volunteer events in October that are all about 2013.

60 volunteers from Ernst and Young came to Randall’s Island on October 3rd to work on three different areas:  planting the wildflower meadow, adding grasses to the Saltwater Wetland and creating mulched quads at Central Fields.  In the case of the Horticulture Department, you will see the results of the last phase of Hell Gate Wildflower Meadow in the Spring of 2013.  Volunteers planted 12 varieties of native wildflowers, including asters, helenium, hibiscus and lobelia.  It’s our field of dreams.
2 days later, 100 volunteers from Baruch High School came to Randall’s.  Our kids went to the apple orchard, near Field 62 and planted daffodil plants under the apple trees.  The soil in this area is particularly rocky and not easy going.  Our high school volunteers persisted and planted 2,000 bulbs.
If you are part of a community group, organization or school that would like to participate in a volunteer project with the Horticulture Department, please contact: phyllis.odessey@parks.nyc.gov

We look forward to hosting you in 2013.


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