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Color-Coded Garden: Maria Loboda

In New Ideas and Expansions, Randall's Island on May 2, 2013 at 12:14 pm


May 10-13

profile-1110By Phyllis Odessey
I’ve worked on Randall’s Island for over 6 years.  Every year brings surprises.  2012 was the first year the Frieze Art Fair was held on Randall’s Island.  Freize transforms the event lawn with the largest tent erected in the Northeast.  Cecilia Alemani is the curator of Freize Projects, a program of artists’ commissions.  The participating artists in 2013 are;  Liz Blynn, Maria Loboda, Mateo Tannatt, Andra Ursuta, Marianne Vitale.  The program also includes a special tribute to legendary artist run restaurant Food, originally conceived by Gordon Matta-Clark and Carol Godden in 1971 and an original text by novelist Ben Marcus.

We have been helping Maria Loboda install her project:  Color-Coded Garden.  Two of our staff members, James C. and James N. have been working with Maria laying out plants that arrived from Otto Kiel Nursery yesterday.

Maria Loboda’s work analyzes systems of communications, underscoring the transformative power of languages and codes. Reflecting upon the relationship between nature and verbal communication, Loboda has realized a number of works in which the natural world is analyzed through the lens of language. Taking as inspiration the lush parkland of Randall’s Island, the artist will turn an area of the park into a color-coded garden, an exact replica of an illustration of a European interior design motif from the 19th century. Interested in the precision of color mapping, the artist will translate the two-dimensional image into a living landscape of plants, flowers and shrubs, highlighting not only the relationship between interior and exterior, but also between two and three-dimensional landscapes. from freizeprojectsny.org

Here are a few snapshots of the beginning stages of the plant layout.




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